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An Unmissable, Exclusive Online Training Event for an Exceptional Career in the Coaching Profession

Saturday, October 14th

3pm - 6pm (UK)
10am - 1pm (ET)
7am- 10am (PST)

Growth in the Coaching Industry is Predicted to Explode in the Next Few Years…

… but only those who are equipped to take advantage will benefit.

Will you be one of them? 

Because if richly rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous career making a profound difference in as many lives as possible in the market you serve appeals to you… 

… a career with a legacy of far more influence, far more impact and far more income…

… Then This is Unquestionably the Most Important Message You'll Read in Your Entire Career


Because it brings you an ultra-rare and priceless opportunity to discover how you take your career to heights 98% of established Coaches will never know. 

This revolutionary online training experience is designed exclusively for individuals who aspire to become high-end experts in transformation, with a thriving business and the professional credentials to prove it.

This Cutting Edge Training is For You if

  • You'd love to have the ability to deeply impact the lives of your clients
  • You'd love to have the freedom and choice which comes with running a growing, thriving business doing work you love with people you love working with
  • ​You'd love to be recognised as a go-to-authority by the market you serve, a highly respected, highly regarded and highly sought-after expert in transformation
  • ​You are committed to excellence, and refuse to be anything less than the best you can be in everything you put your mind to.
  • ​You dare to be different - and the idea of making up the numbers as another typical Coach with an average career is as unpalatable to you as it is unthinkable
  • ​You follow the heart, NOT the herd

It is Not for You if

  • You have only a mild, casual interest in a career as a Coach
  • ​Your aspirations are satisfied being a typical "life coach" with a handful of clients in a small, lifestyle business 
  • ​You don't believe you're capable, or worthy, of an exceptional career of far more influence, impact and income.
  • ​You like the idea of being a highly successful, sought after, Elite Coach… but you're not willing to do what needs to be done to make it happen
  • You jump on every free offer you can find, yet never take action to make your dreams a reality
  • ​You are NOT willing to invest in yourself and/or your future career

Here's What You Need to Know…

  • Easily accessed from the comfort of your home or office, this eye-opening and immersive training experience brings three hours of career-defining, industry-leading insight
  • ​You'll receive expert tuition from Christian Simpson - a leading, world authority on transformational-level Coaching, and globally acclaimed tutor to over 40,000 professional Coaches from more than 170 countries (see more information below)
  • ​Through a series of profoundly powerful visual models, you'll discover what separates the Elite Influencers of the Coaching industry from the rest - and have you too can enjoy an exceptional career of far more influence, impact and income
  • ​Once you've secured your place, you'll be invited to join the Iconic Coach™ Facebook group dedicated to this premier training event.

This is Why You Can't Afford to Miss This Career-Defining Opportunity

Part 1

What You Must Know About the Most Transformational Process Known to Mankind

You'll Discover…

  • What transformational grade Coaching is and what it isn't - and why it's the most overused, misunderstood, misrepresented and abused term in the personal and organisational development field
  • The Axis of Influence and Manipulation - and how we're raise not to know the difference.
  • ​The life-changing model proving Coaching is the most transformational process known to mankind, and why it brings about permanent, monumental change
  • How Coaching impacts the mind in an entirely different way to any other intervention
  • ​Why our current understanding of human potential is flawed, how it limits us, and what experts in transformation know that you don't about your potential
  • Why Coaching is NOT about results - yet nothing compares to its ability to transform them for the better
  • What separates the masters of transformation at the top-level in the Coaching profession from the multitude of well-intentioned yet grossly underachieving Coaches
  • ​How you create every result in your personal and professional life, and how to take control of the most powerful, creative tool you'll ever know to create the life you want rather than recreate the life you want to change

Part 2

The Iconic Coach Pathway™: Your Proven Roadmap to an Exceptional Career in Coaching

You'll Discover…

  • The 5 crucial questions you must answer to enjoy a richly-rewarding, deeply fulfilling and highly prosperous career as a recognised expert in transformation in the Coaching profession
  • ​The 80/20 Factor: the 3 fundamentals you must make non-negotiable priorities to guarantee an exceptional career in this sector
  • How to dramatically accelerate your Coaching ability to a level most Coaches never reach
  • ​​How to command your market positioned as a trusted authority and go-to-expert, rather than yet another, typical, average Coach
  • ​How to become irreplaceable in the eyes of your clients and the niche market you serve
  • The 9 Incontrovertible Laws™  - the accelerators behind an exceptional career of far more influence, far more impact and far more income
  • ​The 3 futures ahead of you - the choices defining each path and the consequences
  • ​How to put all the industry-leading insights and eye-opening revelations of the Iconic Coach™ Training experience to work in your career today!
  • ​The unprecedented opportunity ahead of you and your next step

Why You Need to Grasp This Rare Opportunity Now

Yes the Coaching profession is set to see unprecedented growth as I previously mentioned…

… but the market dynamics are NOT the same as they were in the last decade of growth.

Today's marketplace is noisy, busy and over-populated - and it no longer wants. needs or pays for typical, average Coaches…

because it already has them in abundance.

The appalling survival rates (82% of Coaching businesses fail in the first two years), and dire income generation of a typical Coaching business ($47,100 is the global average) is testament to that truth.

What the market does want and need - and is willing to pay a premium price for - is highly trained, highly skilled and appropriately qualified experts in transformation.

Exceptional careers are not made from SEEING opportunity, they're made by SEIZING them… 

… that's why this opportunity is unmissable.

Here's How This Industry Leading Training Delivers on its Career-Defining Promise

From Part 1

Elite Influencers transform lives because they have a far deeper understanding of Coaching and its unrivalled impact on the creative process of the human psyche.

Make no mistake, what you're about to discover in the first half of The Iconic Coach: Become a Highly Sought After Expert in Transformation™ will change how you look at yourself, other people and your potential for the rest of your days.

From Part 2

There's a well-trodden path to a career of struggle and mediocrity, and there's a far less known, far less traveled path to an outstanding career as one of the industry's top tier. 

The second half of this ground-breaking experience unveils the proprietary framework by which the best in the profession rise to the top, and the simple steps you need to take to follow in their foot steps for an instant career-defining advantage.

The Bottom Line?

If you are genuinely serious about an exceptional career of far more influence, impact and income - a career of legacy which feeds your soul as much as it feeds you bank account…

… simply can't afford to miss out on this incredibly rare opportunity to experience world-class training directly from one of the Coaching industry's leading experts.

More on that important note shortly, but first:

There's More… Because Those Who Like to Reward Themselves Will Be Rewarded Magnificently

As clearly articulated above, The Iconic Coach experience is not for everyone. 

It's certainly not for the "freeloaders", "wannabe's" or tyre-kickers of life.

You must be genuine in your aspirations to be the very best in the Coaching profession, with a steely commitment to make it happen, if you're to enjoy the richly rewarding, deeply fulfilling and high lucrative outcomes The Iconic Coach experience leads to. 

If the above genuinely describes you, and you attend The Iconic Coach: Become a Highly Sought After Expert in Transformation™ in full…

… you'll be rewarded by your host with complimentary access to some of his powerful, proven, leading-edge resources, bringing you an instant advantage in your Coaching career.

  • FREE [Special Video Masterclass #1]:Why Coaching is Fundamental in Challenging Times™
  • FREE [Special Video Masterclass #2]: The 3 Fundamentals of Influence, Impact & Income™
  • ​FREE: [Industry Intelligence Report]: The Coaching Industry Laid Bare™
  • ​FREE: [Digital Book]: The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™
  • ​FREE: [Coaching Guide]: The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Success Strategy™ Success Implementation Guide™

Why You Can Be 100% Confident You're in The Very Best of Hands

Introducing Your Host & Tutor

Christian Simpson is a globally acclaimed expert in the Coaching profession. 

Over the past three decades his mastery in transformational Coaching has taught, trained and mentored over 40,000 people from more than 170 countries to the highest standards in the profession. 

Christian has created world-class Coach training for the biggest names in the self-improvement industry, including the late Bob Proctor and the leadership author John C. Maxwell

He's the creator of the world's only Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™ - the profession's flagship, award-winning training experience producing the industry's leading experts in transformation.

Christian's Conscious Coaching Academy™ is the definitive centre of excellence for Elite Influencers in the Coaching industry, and the profession's award-winning, flagship training institution.

He is self-confessed and unapologetic Coaching purist who vehemently protects the integrity and sanctity of the true art and skill of Coaching.

Even More Reasons Why You Can Be 100% Confident You're in The Very Best of Hands

Hear Directly From Elite Coaches & Personal Growth Experts Who've Worked Closely With Christian Simpson

Ericka Kelly, Elite Coach
- Long Beach, California
John C. Maxwell, Globally Acclaimed Leadership Author
- Florida, USA
Andy Hall, Leadership Coach
- Minety, Wiltshire, UK.
Deb Dredden, Elite Coach
- Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Debi Ronca, Transition Life Coach & Best Selling Author
- Spring, Texas, USA.
Kathy Carlson/Young, Elite Coach
- Denver, Colorado, USA.
Winston Pain, Elite Coach
- Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.
Marcus Benjamin, Coach & Consultant
- Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Barry Smith, Elite Coach
- West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
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